Earn Points

Share your song on all social media platforms and earn points, NextXtar app will calculate where you shared your songs/albums and you will earn points, there is no limit to your points or share.


If you share your songs/albums via Facebook you will EARN 5 POINTS, apart from making yourself relevant, NextXtar will feature your song on our Facebook stories, make sure you are following NextXtar on Facebook, so you can benefit fully from these massive ways to promote your songs/albums.

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Share your songs/albums via twitter and tag NextXtar, you EARN 5 POINTS, you will also be featured on our Twitter stories and benefits, remember the more points you earn, the more you keep featuring on NextXtar slideshow.

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Share your on instagram, and tag NextXtar and EARN 5 POINTS, instagram is a good place to promote your songs/albums because of its huge potential among the youths.

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Share NextXtar app, and give NextXtar rating on Google and iOS store you EARN 10 POINTS.


Share NextXtar on to all your contact and EARN 2 POINTS, for each contact, with all your contacts, make your song popular, it take just a second to share your songs/albums.


Do a DanceVideo on Tiktok and tag NextXtar, and EARN 5 POINTS, TitTok is more like a mini personal television station that gives you total control, of acts, it have a lot of potential to promote your songs/albums using all it advantages.

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  1. You can use your NextXtar points to get massive airplay on NextXtar Online Radio
  2. You can convert your points to dollar and withdraw it
  3. Use your points for promotional services on NextXtar, including express delivery
  4. Become relevant on social media
  5. Get a one hour interview on NextXtar online Radio, and request an airplay within the interview